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Key Cabinets


Up to 10 year battery life!


Can use either cards only or codes only


Manager, service and user codes


Manager code can access and change user and service codes at any time.


Flexibility in programming optional functions such as warning beeps if key cabinet is left open.

More information on the lock here


  48 Keys 122 Keys
3 Dial SL-8548 SL-9122
4 Dial- key override SL-8548U SL-9122U
4 Dial- Black
key override
SL-8548UB SL-9122UB
RFID Key Cabinet SL-8548R SL-9122R
Electronic Key Cabinet SL-8548E SL-9122E

RFID Electronic Key Cabinets

RFID Key cabinets

   RFID Key Cabinets              RFID Key Cabinet          RFID Steel Key Cabinet           RFID Key Storage


- Heavy gauge steel
- Continuous “piano” hinge
- Steel key hooks


- Reliable electronic
- Over 10,000 combinations
- Flexible programming options


- Change code easily in seconds
- Mounting hardware included
- Color coded key tags included
- No need to use keys to
   manage keys!


- Competitively priced
- One year limited warranty

Electronic key cabinets

Reliable Security

Featuring the Combi-Cam E electronic key cabinet with over 10,000 available combinations.


The steel key box has a continuous hinge for added security. Keys can be hung either on steel hooks or used with the included key tags.

Easy to Use

Easily set the combinations at any time. Mounting supplies are included making installation convenient as well.


The multi-colored key tags are easy to reuse by inserting new labels. Check this page to download free label templates, key location charts, sign-out forms and other helpful key management tools.


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RFID FJM Security
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